How To Find Great Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

grill and outdoor kitchen cabinets on a patio

At first, outdoor kitchens sound like a great idea. Yes, they can be pricey, but there are plenty of ways to build outdoor kitchens on a budget. Having more than just a grill station is a must. A well-built outdoor kitchen is an attractive way to increase your outdoor enjoyment and use of space. No outside cooking area is complete without outdoor kitchen cabinets.

Why You Need Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

When you build the traditional outdoor kitchen with masonry walls and stainless steel door units, at first it looks great. What you’ll discover over time however is the dank masonry spaces under your outdoor kitchen can become musty spider habitats. In fact, you wouldn’t even want to put your grill cleaning implements, let alone store plates and glasses there. This is where outdoor kitchen cabinets can come to the rescue.

outdoor kitchen cabinets with sink, grill and fruit on top

Popular Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets And Makers

One of the most well known manufacturers of outdoor kitchen cabinets and appliances are Kalamazoo Outdoor. Kalamazoo is known as the bespoke manufacturer of outdoor living components and has been on the leading edge of many innovations in the space. There is a huge price associated with their products but for the right project it makes sense to use the integrated Kalamazoo Outdoor approach to kitchen design. The cabinetry combined with multi fuel barbecue grills and silent refrigerators have their place in the marketplace of outdoor kitchens.

For most people however, the price of Kalamazoo Outdoor kitchens are just plain way too high to contemplate. For example, you can buy a 42” grill head starting at $12,495 from Kalamazoo. Meanwhile you can buy an excellent 42” grill head from Lynx or Hestan for half the price or less. Once you have your gill head and other appliances picked out, it’s time to choose cabinetry. As we’ve mentioned before, you can go to Kalamazoo, but there is another excellent option out there for far less price.

Urban Bonfire makes outdoor kitchen cabinetry systems in powder coated stainless steel which will make you wonder why you ever considered a masonry outdoor kitchen. There are a number of stock configurations, but they do provide custom kitchens as well. You can use the stock countertops provided by Urban Bonfire. However, we’d recommend fabricating your own granite countertops to use with the urban bonfire cabinetry.

Pro Tips For Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

One little industry secret to an incredible outdoor kitchen is the use of a leathered finish on your granite countertop. Ask your granite fabricator for this finish and you’ll be glad you did. It shows less dirt and grease than a polished countertop and will soak in less spills than a thermal or flamed finish.


You are now prepared to install beautiful outdoor kitchen cabinets. Making the right choices along the way will make your experience much more enjoyable. Happy building and we hope you find the outdoor kitchen cabinets you were searching for now.