5 Ways To Find Your Pool Skimmer Basket Type

blue pool skimmer basket and white skimmer lid displaced on brown deck next to blue swimming pool

One of the most important parts of a swimming pool’s circulation is the pool skimmer.  Almost every pool has a skimmer of some sort.  The reason skimmers are used on pools is simple, they are great at getting debris off the surface.  One of the wear items you’ll need to replace from time to time is the pool skimmer basket.  When pulling the basket in and out, tapping the bottom to get the debris off, over and over, eventually you will have a crack or snap in the pool skimmer basket itself. 

There are many skimmer baskets out there. The image below show the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of the most common pool skimmer baskets out there.

diagram of many pool skimmer basket types

3 Easy Ways To Find Your Exact Pool Skimmer Basket Number

If your pool skimmer basket has broken or wore down, you should replace it. One of the most frustrating things as a pool owner is identifying which pool skimmer basket you have. After all, you now know that these baskets are not a one size fits all item. We’ll give you a few different ways to locate the information you need.

Check Rim Of Pool Skimmer Basket

The basket itself can be helpful in identifying which skimmer you have. If you haven’t already, make sure you don’t throw the broken pool skimmer basket away. One of the first steps to finding your pool skimmer basket replacement is to look for a number at the rim of the basket.  This is the most common location for the pool skimmer basket model number or part number to be molded into the plastic.  Once you have the part number, search here and you’ll usually find your replacement.  If the skimmer basket is very old and worn down, or the basket is missing this may not be possible.

Check Skimmer Lid Underside

The next step is to look at the underside of the skimmer lid itself. The skimmer lid will show you the part number of the skimmer or the skimmer lid, which can lead you to the basket you will need.  There’s a little google detective work required, but usually this will be successful.  

Check The Skimmer’s Weir Door

If you don’t find the skimmer identifier on the lid or the basket, sometimes you can find identification on the weir itself.  This is the flappy door between the skimmer basket and the pool.  This is hit or miss depending on the manufacturer, but worth a try.  

2 More Ways To Find Your Pool Skimmer Basket

If your skimmer weir turns up nothing, you’re on to the next method of identification, compare and contrast.  First, if your pool equipment has never been replaced, or there is an old pump or filter still installed, look at the manufacturer.  This can be a hint as to who made the skimmer. 

In most cases builders do not mix and match manufacturers since they can improve warranty service by staying within a manufacturers product line.  So, if the pump is a Hayward pump, most likely the skimmer is one of the Hayward skimmers.  

On very old pools this can be deceiving however.  There are a number of pool manufacturer’s which have been swallowed up in mergers and acquisitions within the pool industry.  So if you see a Purex-Triton pump for example, you might have a Pentair pool skimmer, or a PacFab, or a Sta-Rite skimmer.  Within each manufacturer line, there are multiple skimmers.

Sometimes you may need to order a few pool skimmer baskets from Amazon. Use the images to see which ones resemble your original basket and when they arrive, check the fit. You can always send the others back at no charge.  Much like buying shoes online, sometimes this is the only option.