How To Hang Leaf Blower In Garage Safely

red leaf blower in backyard blowing green grass across a lawn

If you’re like just about every homeowner out there, you have noticed your garden tools starting to build up in your garage.  Maybe you’ve considered a garden shed, or a storage box, However, for now, you’d like to keep things under one roof.  The standard utility hooks out there seem to work great for your shovels, rakes, and hoe.  But what about your powered lawn tools? Namely, your leaf blower, string trimmer, and power broom?  In this article we’ll go over the various methods for how to hang leaf blower in garage.

How To Hang Leaf Blower In Garage

Hanging your leaf blower properly in your garage is important. After all, one hard fall onto the garage floor can cause irreversible damage. Furthermore, with gas leaf blowers there’s always the flammability concern. There are plenty of methods to hanging lawncare equipment. We’ll suggest a few different ways to hang your leaf blower.

How To Hang A Leaf Blower With Utility Hooks

First, you can use the tried and true method of hanging tools on the wall, the trusty utility hooks.  Typical utility hooks are metal hooks coated in plastic which can be screwed to the wall.  Utility hooks can hold up to 10 pounds of lawn care equipment.

You’ll want to have a stud finder on hand so you can secure the ledger board to the wall securely.  We’d recommend a 1×6 or 1×8 for the ledger board, screwed into the wall using wood screws.  Once you have your ledger board in place, you can affix the utility hooks as needed for your garden tools.

When hanging a leaf blower or string trimmer using utility hooks, you’ll want to first try out some different places to hang them by.  Often it will make sense to hang them in a way that’s not logical at first. This is because they are typically weight balanced from the handle.  

That is, they will not hang vertically from the handles, because the handles are designed to be evenly balanced in your hands when using the tools.  This means you may hang your string trimmer with two hooks on either side of the motor, holding it upright, not from the handles themselves.  

How To Hang Leaf Blower With A Shelving System

How to hang a leaf blower in garage depends on the leaf blower, and you’ll need to do some experimentation to be sure you get it right.  If your leaf blower or string trimmer is gasoline powered, you’ll want to refer to the manual to see if they recommend a storage position.  Often they’ll want you to avoid flooding the engine with fuel during storage.  In this case, you may want to use a shelving system instead of utility hooks.  

When building a shelving system for your powered garden tools, you will want to make sure you create a comfortable space to set the tool down that doesn’t require you to lift it higher than is comfortable.  There’s nothing worse than spending hours string trimming, and once you have spaghetti arms needing to heft the thing way up in the air.  Make life simple when you can!  

simple garage system showing how to hang leaf blower in garage with small black utility hooks

In addition to basic garage shelving, you’ll want to make sure you create a way to prevent the tool from tumbling off the shelf accidentally.  Weight balance of garden tools can be difficult to judge.   We’d suggest building wide shelving so you don’t need to precariously balance the tool on the edge.  This can also mean using a bungee cord to tie it down to the shelf, or an edge board to prevent items from falling off.

Additionally, you will want to think about your ancillary needs for storage.  In the case of a string trimmer, there’s the additional string.  With a leaf blower, maybe you have a gutter cleaning attachment.  In either case, it makes sense to store these items in close proximity. That way you can remember where they are, and be reminded to use them when the time comes.  

How To Hang Leaf Blower In Garage Summary

Ultimately when considering how to hang leaf blower in garage, you want to start with your leaf blower. Then, look at your garage layout, and decide if hooks or shelving are best for you.  Sometimes a garage is too small for shelving to make sense.

In other cases, shelving might work best for you.  What’s important is you create a space to store your tools and be ready to complete the tasks. Aim for a minimum of effort spent on finding and accessing the tools. If you happen to be overly concerned with the flammability aspect, consider an electric leaf blower instead.