How To Plan For A Pool Fire Feature

hillside pool with massive pool fire feature

The beauty of getting a pool built in your backyard is how custom they can become. You can add features in and around your pool that really make your backyard stand out. Most pool designers will offer fancy water features, such as a waterfall. However, if you really want to make your backyard memorable, go with a pool fire feature.

Pool Fire Features Are Becoming More Available

Pool fire features are not a new invention by any means. Tiki torches have been used for years to give the warm glow of a flame dancing off the water surface effect. But we are fortunate to live in a time where pool fire feature products are readily available for you to buy off the shelf. One manufacturer who has been working on fire features for a long time is Bobe Water and Fire Features. Whether you are looking for some fire pots, pits or tables, Bobe has you covered.

pool fire feature beside an infinity edge pool in backyard

Pool Fire Feature Setup Questions

Before you can go buying your fire pot or fire pit, there are some considerations. First, what fuel source is best for you? Second, how are you going to get the fuel source to the fire feature?

Check If You Are Ready

To answer these questions, you need to determine whether you have natural gas plumbed to your house. In some places there is community propane, so you may have propane plumbed to your house as well. Always check with your utility provider to be sure. However, generally speaking, if the meter on your house is gray, it’s natural gas. If the meter is brown, it’s propane. If you have neither of those, don’t fret. You can always add a propane tank to power your fire features.

Right Size Your Propane Tank

Call up your local propane provider to discuss what’s possible for you. Usually, it’s best to get the largest propane tank possible. This way, you’ll have more time between fill ups and less chance of running out of propane. When sizing your natural gas lines or propane tank and lines you will need to know what other appliances you’ll want to fuel. The possibilities include fire pits, indoor fireplaces, gas cooktops, dryers, built-in grills, fire pots and plenty more.

Pool Fire Feature Design Planning

Adding fire features to your pool is not overly complicated. Although, it does merit some discussion of how to do it tastefully. There are a few things to consider. First, is the fire feature going to be the center of attention? That is, whether you plan to focus the attention of everyone on the patio onto the fire feature. Do you have an infinity edge or other water feature you also want to draw people’s attention to? Lastly, how is your pool lighting going to affect the fire feature? These answers will help you and your pool designer plan out the placement and design of a pool fire feature.

Pool Fire Feature Key Consideration

Keep in mind that fire features are usually being operated at night, and your pool lights will be on at the same time as the fire in most cases. You don’t want to have a light coming from the same place as the fire feature. Otherwise, it will create an artificial glare which takes away from the dancing flame on water effect of fire features.

two pool fire feature set with mini waterfall and blue stones

Homeowner Advice For A Pool Fire Feature

Whatever you choose to do with your pool fire feature, here’s some advice specifically for homeowners. Make sure you are comfortable with how large it is, and how tall the flames will be. Manufacturers should be able to give you this information based on the burners they are using. Never hesitate to ask questions since once it’s installed, it’s not the easiest thing to change after the fact.

Bottom Line

Hopefully this has been helpful in giving a broad overview of what to consider when adding a pool fire feature. Yes, you can build a pool without a fire feature and have it be impressive. However, there is no comparison to a pool with a fire feature and the warmth it creates. Fire features are one of the most impressive pool features you can add to your project. When done correctly, it creates an ambiance nothing else can mimic.