In Pool Lounge Chairs For Sun Shelf 101

In Pool Lounge Chairs For Sun Shelf

One of the features built into many pool designs today is the sun shelf. This is the shallow area of your pool typically 4-12” deep. You can add a lounge chair and be in the pool but not completely submerged. These platforms go by many names: sun shelfs, tanning ledges, Baja steps. However, once you’ve built one into your pool you’ll probably come to a realization. You need a better solution than dragging a deck chair into the pool whenever you want to use it. That’s when you’ll start to search for in pool lounge chairs for sun shelf fits.

King of the Sun Shelf: Ledge Lounger

That’s where Ledge Lounger comes in. This is a furniture company completely focused on pool area furniture. They are famous for their signature in-pool chairs. Their signature chaise is a perfect fit for sun shelf furniture. This chair has a smooth ’S’ curve design makes them both comfortable and functional. It allows you to be partially in the water, but mostly out in the sun.

In Pool Lounge Chairs For Sun Shelf ledge lounger

One of the aspects of Sun shelves people often forget is the umbrella sleeve. An umbrella sleeve is basically a small hole in your sun shelf that an umbrella locks into in a sturdy manner. This is an inexpensive feature to add during the construction of the pool which allows you to place an umbrella in the middle of your sun shelf. When you add two Ledge Lounger chaises on either side, you have your own little backyard paradise.

Many In Pool Lounge Chairs For Sun Shelf Options Exist

Ledge Lounger may be the easiest solution to your in-pool furniture but they are by no means the only one. The solution many resorts come to is to build chaise lounges into the pool itself. Building concrete chaises, typically covered in tile so they’re smooth. These are very expensive to build but can be an impressive design statement for the right project and give you that surrounded by water but not in the water feeling of being on an island.

In the end, whether you’re dragging your chaise lounger from the deck into the pool or you have purpose built chaises for the sun shelf you’ll be happy you made the choice to build the sun shelf in the first place. A sun shelf is an expensive add-on to an already hefty pool price depending on where you live in the country, but it can become the most used portion of the pool whether for small children to play or for you to sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy the tranquility only a pool can bring.

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