Inground Pool Basketball Hoop Options

Inground Pool Basketball Hoop drilled into deck

There are many ways to enhance your experience when building an inground pool. You choose to add a waterfall or fire feature. Then again, you may want something that encourages activity, such as pool sports. This may lead you to consider an inground pool basketball hoop. In this article, we will explain the various options you have for this exciting activity and pool addition.

There are few things more fun than playing pool games. No matter your age, whether you are 5 or 50 years old, games like volleyball and basketball in the pool can be loads of fun. However, picking the right inground pool basketball hoop can be a challenge. Choosing what the right setup is for you and your family depends on a few basic points.

Should You Get An Inground Pool Basketball Hoop?

If you’re considering whether or not to get an inground pool basketball hoop, think about usage. If you wonder how much you’ll use a basketball hoop in your pool, we recommend skipping over option 1. Options 2 and 3 will be more suitable if you are not absolutely sold on having a basketball hoop for your pool. If pool hoops is a major reason that you want an inground pool, option 1 is your best bet.

Option 1: Anchor Into Pool Deck

When designing your pool you may consider where the basketball hoop should be installed. Do you plan on having it installed for the summer, or do you want to have the ability to easily remove it from the pool area? If you are thinking you’ll install it for each season and leave it alone you might consider using the SR Smith Swim ’n Dunk basketball hoop.

This is one of the most common residential basketball hoops for pools. These will cost around $2,000 and require installation of anchors into the pool deck. These anchors are specific to the hoop and must be installed per manufacturer’s recommendation or the hoop may not install properly.

The ultimate in built in basketball hoops would probably be the First Team HydroShot. This hoop will run you more than $5,000 but is commercial grade and will withstand a lot of use. This hoop will be a real bear to remove and install every time you want to use it, so you’d want to plan on leaving this hoop installed for the season, then remove it when it comes time to close the pool. Or if you live in a climate where you don’t winterize the pool, just leave it installed indefinitely.

Option 2: Temporary Poolside Hoop

Now if your pool is already complete, don’t lose hope! Yes, if you’re thinking of adding a basketball hoop after the fact this will greatly reduce the options. Unless you’re willing to break up concrete and pour a base for a built in basketball hoop you’ll want to consider options for temporary basketball hoops.

Inground pool basketball hoop temporary poolside

These basketball hoops can be installed on any inground pool since they rely on filling the base of the hoop with water to weigh them down. Best of all, they are drastically less expensive than their built in counterparts. Lastly, there is no structural base required to install the hoop. Therefore, you’re free to move it anywhere on the pool so long as you have deck to set it on.

Option 3: Floating Basketball Hoop

The other option for an existing pool basketball hoop is the floating hoop. This is the least expensive of all 3 options. These floating hoops are a great way to introduce a new game to the backyard and since you aren’t shooting the ball outside the swimming pool, there is less opportunity for an airball to ruin the fun.

Inground pool basketball hoop floating in pool

Though these temporary hoops aren’t as structurally solid as the built in options they still will provide hours of enjoyment in the swimming pool, and are easy to remove if you want to make the pool area more adult friendly.

Inground Pool Basketball Hoop Bottom Line

Whichever option you choose for your inground pool basketball hoop, you will not be disappointed. Pool games are part of the joy of owning a swimming pool. You should never hesitate to introduce one to your pool environment.