Is A Power Broom Rental Worth It?

yellow and black power broom being used in a large backyard with green turf and a homeowner in jeans

If you have an artificial turf lawn or section of lawn, you may have seen a power broom.  When putting down artificial turf it’s commonplace to use a power broom to spread the infill which weighs down the turf.  Power brooms are excellent maintenance tools as well. You may be wondering, should I buy a power broom or is a power broom rental worth it?

Power Broom Benefits

First, let’s look at why you might want the power broom in the first place.  If you just want to make your turf look its best so you can sell the house, then obviously the rental makes sense.  If you are looking to do a spring cleanup however, you may want to weigh rental versus buying a power broom.  You may have noticed that during your day to day use of the artificial turf, sections of it begin to look squashed down more than others.  This can be high traffic areas, around play equipment, and so on. 

Yes, you can power broom only once a year at spring cleanup, and this definitely is a good idea.  However, you may want to consider a more frequent maintenance cycle to keep your artificial turf looking its best and to prevent permanent crimping of the fibers.  

How Much Does A Power Broom Rental Cost?

When looking at the prices of rentals at hardware stores, you’ll usually pay somewhere in the $50-$75 per day for power broom rental.  The benefit of renting a power broom is you’ll most likely get a power broom that’s higher power and professional grade.  However, because you are renting a power broom, you are at the mercy of whoever used the broom before you.  Power brooms are often used to clean snow, road salt and sand off of sidewalks. This can take a toll on the power broom bristles over time.  

homeowner cleaning green turf backyard with a power broom rental

What To Look For In A Power Broom

When you look at power brooms available for sale, you can go to the high end, and buy an Echo attachment engine, then purchase the power broom attachment to go along with it.  This will give you the same piece of equipment you’ll rent in most places.  As you can see if you rent it ten or fifteen times, you’ve paid for the power broom.  Additionally, if you plan on only using the power broom once per year, it may make sense to rent.  However, you can also utilize the Echo attachment engine to power their trimmer and brush cutter and many more attachments.  

When weighing is a power broom rental worth it, there are a few considerations. If you don’t need a multi-function yard maintenance tool, it might be worth it.  However, there are other purpose built power brooms to consider like the Ego Power Broom.  This is a battery powered broom which costs significantly less than its gas powered cousins. Although it still delivers a powerful performance.  If you have a large yard, you will want to buy some extra batteries. That way you’re not left stranded part way through.

Power Broom Rental Vs. Buying

When you look at the battery powered power broom versus rental, you only need to rent 5 or 6 times to pay the same amount as purchase.  In our opinion, the answer to is a power broom rental worth it in this case is no.  As you can see, there are many reasons to go out and buy the equipment instead of renting. Maybe you don’t want that extra piece of equipment around. Therefore, you certainly can go out there and rent it.  Ultimately, we would suggest buying a power broom. Ownership will encourage you to better maintain and keep your artificial turf looking its best.