Is Patio Furniture Waterproof? How To Protect It

patio furniture in a green ivy filled backyard with gray patio tile

When selecting patio furniture for your backyard, it’s not uncommon to consider how much weather the furniture will be exposed to.  Maybe you are looking for furniture which will be under the covered patio, so whether or not the furniture is waterproof isn’t an issue.  However, when choosing furniture to be placed in the open air or in a place where driving rain is common, you may find yourself asking is patio furniture waterproof?

Is Patio Furniture Waterproof?

There are some patio furniture types which are obviously waterproof.  For example, a glass table with an aluminum frame or a plastic chaise lounge chair are indeed waterproof.  There are other patio furniture types which are obviously not waterproof. A common non-waterproof patio furniture example is teak. This is wood which will get wet and then dry out in the sun. 

However, there are some other types of patio furniture which are unclear about being waterproof. The elephant in the room is upholstered outdoor furniture or outdoor furniture with cushions.  Most cushions when left out in the rain will become waterlogged. This is because if they were truly waterproof cushions, they would be uncomfortable to sit on.  A comfortable cushion will be capable of letting in air when you stand up, and letting out air when you sit down.  The holes required for this ventilation means water can get into all comfortable cushions.

How To make Patio Furniture Waterproof

The most important aspect of waterproofing outdoor cushions and outdoor furniture is the use of furniture covers. All patio furniture is capable of being covered. Most with custom fabricated covers provided by the manufacturer.  This may seem like overkill, but covers make the difference between dry, useable outdoor furniture and wet furniture. Nobody likes to sit on wet patio furniture, especially if you’re hosting guests.

the solution to is patio furniture waterproof being shown in backyard as a waterproof cover with a pergola above on a gray patio

Sometimes your furniture company will not offer custom made covers for your patio furniture. Therefore, you can find patio furniture covers made for generic furniture sizes.  Or, if you want to do the ultimate low priced budget cover, you can always use a tarp.  Just make sure you tie or weigh down the tarp. Otherwise, it could blow away in the wind. This is something we’ve seen many times and have offered a lot of advice on patio furniture for windy areas.

Is Upholstered Patio Furniture Waterproof?

Unfortunately, upholstered furniture is not waterproof.  However, some outdoor furniture is designed to have removable cushions, so instead of covering your outdoor furniture, you simply pick up the cushions and store them between uses.  This requires a designated outdoor cushion storage area, and if you have space for this, it’s a great solution. Speaking of storage space, keep in mind if you cover your furniture, you’ll need to have some designated storage space for all the covers when you have them removed.

You will need to factor in the time required to remove and replace cushions, or the same for the covers.  Either method will guarantee dry seating areas for your guests. Both methods may require you to wipe down the furniture before use to remove any dust which may have accumulated, spider webs which may have been spun, and so on.  

Is Patio Furniture Waterproof Summary

Outdoor furniture ownership does require some thoughtful maintenance. If you plan properly, you won’t be worried about asking is patio furniture waterproof.  The real question becomes: where is my storage space going to be located?  Patio furniture is a necessary part of any outdoor living scenario, and if you plan well you can have dry furniture ready to be used at a moment’s notice.