Pergula: Everything You Need To Know

example of a pergula standing alone in a backyard

Pergula or pergola? That’s the real question. A pergula and a pergola are the exact same thing. The correct spelling is pergola. However, for the purpose of this article and since you likely searched the U-version, we’ll spell it pergula.

What Is A Pergula?

Firstly, a pergula is traditionally an open roof system with wood boards fixed in place vertically. The majority of the roof system is open to the air and rain that falls through it. By setting the wood slats vertically, at certain times of day, the sun will be blocked from shining down onto the patio. These structures are excellent additions if you have gunite pool in your backyard.

There are two types of pergulas, traditional and modern. In this article, we’ll explain what differentiates each and which one we’d recommend.

Pergula above pool overlooking ocean

Traditional Pergula

Traditional pergolas may have planted wisteria growing up the corner posts and onto the wood slats. These pergolas are fixed in place, permanent structures that eventually need replacement of rotting wood slats, beams, and posts. But a properly designed structure using a good rot resistant species of lumber like cedar or ipe will last for years before needing replacement.

Modern Pergula

Conversely, the modern solution to a pergola is the aluminum motorized pergola system. These can morph from an open slat pergola to a solid roof system depending on weather. These can be fitted with motorized screens to create a screened porch. Also they can be fitted with heating elements to take the chill off a brisk fall day or ceiling fans for the hot summer days. Lighting is very commonly integrated into the beams as well. One manufacturer that provides all these options is Struxure.

Why Modern Pergulas Are Better

One of the advantages of the modern aluminum pergola over the traditional is the ability to shield from rain fall. There is a gutter and drainage system built into the pergola slats so the rain falls and drains away without sheeting or excessive dripping off the sides. True you cannot grow wisteria onto an aluminum pergola without causing some damage to the system, but if you really want some wisteria, why not build a separate arbor just for that purpose elsewhere in your design?

Bottom Line On Pergulas (Pergolas) Structures

Ultimately, an aluminum pergula has the ability to provide 24 hour entertaining space. They offer three season enjoyment and are a rain or shine utility. Surprisingly, an advanced modern pergulas can even provide bug protection. However, if you have a traditional home and don’t want something modern looking on your property you may still choose to go the traditional route and build a wood pergola. Nevertheless, a pergola can be a huge benefit to your backyard space. It creates a new destination on your property for entertaining.