Is A Pool Bubble Cover Worth It? Pros & Cons

homeowner peeling away a blue pool bubble cover

As you’re out there searching for ways to make your pool warmer, you’ve likely found some articles on pool heaters.  You may have waded into the choice between electric heat pumps versus natural gas or propane heaters. You may have decided to go solar.  Whatever you do, even if you choose not to heat the pool, you really ought to consider a pool bubble cover at the very least.

Pros Of A Bubble Cover For Your Pool

If you are building an inground pool, you may have looked into automatic covers. Maybe you decided you don’t want to spend the $20,000 premium.  But you still want to cover your pool somehow. You may be wondering if a pool bubble cover is for you.  There are many ways you can use a bubble cover. Some ways are easier than others.  

Pool Bubble Cover Accessories

If you have a large pool, you may want to consider a bubble cover reel.  This will allow you to roll up the cover without fishing out individual pieces of the pool bubble cover.  If you have a circular pool, or an above ground pool, generally a single piece works great. 

However, some above ground pools get quite large, and the reel can be helpful in those cases as well. With a circular or oval above ground pool, you want to attach the cover reel to the center of the circle, and reel the cover in that way.  On a rectangular pool you can attach the reel to one end of the cover.

Bubble Cover For Pools FAQs

One question we often get with bubble covers is which way to put the bubbles?  Up or down? As it happens, the bubble should be facing down for a slightly better thermal protection of the water.  This is ever so slight however, so don’t fret if you put it in upside down.

blue pool bubble cover rolled up next to an inground vinyl liner swimming pool in backyard

Pool Bubble Cover Disadvantages

One of the biggest complaints with bubble covers is what do you do with them when they’re off the pool?  It’s one thing when the cover is floating on the pool, but another entirely when you have the wet mass of plastic in a pile next to the pool.  This is another reason to consider a reel, but if that’s not practical for you, you might consider a Rubbermaid storage container.  Don’t buy the container until you have the bubble cover though, as you want to be sure the cover will fit in the box.

Another frustration with bubble covers is they tend to blow off the pool in high winds.  The edge of the cover will catch and off it goes.  This also matters if your cover is sitting in your yard in a pile.  It may blow away in that case also.  Hence, it’s a good idea to consider weighting it down when it’s in the pool.  This can be done with half full old milk jugs or acid containers.  Doesn’t look all that great, but it works.  

Pool Bubble Cover Summary

In the end, a bubble cover will reduce evaporation and keep the heat in the water longer than an uncovered pool would. If you’re heating the pool I would say a pool bubble cover may be a necessity.  Whatever you choose to do with your pool, make sure you buy a good quality cover. Also remember to never swim in the pool unless the cover is completely removed.  Swimming under a pool bubble cover can be very dangerous and could cause you to become confused and trapped in the cover when you try and get out of the pool.