Pool Handrail Covers: Material, Cost, Benefits

pool handrail cover on grip side of a handrail in shallow end of a pool in backyard

Pool handrail covers are often overlooked when building modern swimming pools. They are no longer required by code in most locations. Therefore, instead steps and benches are being used to satisfy the building officials.  However, there is no match for a handrail when it comes to ease of entry and exit from a swimming pool. 

Pool Handrail Cover Benefits

If you have bad knees or hips, the handrail can be a life saver. In addition to safety, handrail covers also provide protection from the heat. What do you do when your stainless steel handrail has been sitting in the hundred degree heat? if you’re not careful, it will burn your hand when you hang on to it.  You may want to consider using pool handrail covers.

What Material Makes The Best Pool Handrail Covers?

Yes, you can splash water on the handrail to cool it off every time you use it coming out of the pool. Although when going in to the pool initially there’s little you can do to keep the handrail from scalding you.  Pool handrail covers used to be accomplished using a low tech solution like athletic tape.  However, this breaks down over time.  We’d suggest using a newer solution like a neoprene wrap handrail cover.

Neoprene Zippered Pool Handrail Cover 4 Feet Slip Resistant Rail Grip for Swimming Pool Hand Railing Cover
  • 【Safety Design】NEUERMOND pool handrail grip cover will increase friction when grasping, avoiding the risk of slipping and falling into the pool….
  • 【Zipper Design】Versatile for both custom and generic handrails, this hand grip cover simply zips close for easy installation.
  • 【Anti-Slip Design】The surface adopts a non-slip design, which greatly improves the grip, and the anti-skid performance is improved.

Neoprene is the same product used in wetsuits, drysuits, fishing waders, and fan belts in your car.  It is a flexible and strong material which can hold up to extreme temperature fluctuation while providing a texture which is easy to grip.  This makes neoprene the ideal material to use on pool handrails.  

blue pool handrail covers wrapped around pole in shallow end of a pool

What Size Pool Handrail Covers Do I Need?

Most neoprene pool handrail covers are blue and come in two lengths: 4 and 6 feet.  First, let’s discuss the 4’ length.  This is ideal for standard ladder grab rails or short handrails.  If you have longer handrails, the 6’ length will probably be a better fit. In extreme cases, you may have a very long handrail and then the 8’ or 10’ might be best.  It’s not a bad idea to go out to your pool and wrap a tape measure down the length of the handrail to see which would fit better in your circumstance.


Pool handrail covers are zippered so they can be easily removed and replaced. This is helpful for when they start to look sun bleached or dull after a few years.  Unfortunately, there are not a lot of color variations to pool handrail covers. However, you can get a black handrail cover in addition to the traditional blue.  Whichever handrail cover you choose, you’ll be glad you added this to your backyard.  Though it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your backyard, pool handrail covers have an immense impact on the comfort and ease of use for any pool in the sunbelt. Much like adding a pool cover, gate lock or safety fence, the safety benefits outweigh the appearance.