Pool Safety Net: How They Work + Average Cost

brick tiled pool with beige patio surrounding it and a pool safety net on top to prevent people from entering it

As a pool owner you’ve undoubtedly thought about safety and how best to protect children around your swimming pool.  Maybe when you were building the pool you considered an automatic cover, but decided the cost was just too much.  Even though you have a fence around the pool, you know kids are crafty and you want another barrier of protection to give you peace of mind.  If so, you may want to consider a pool safety net.

How Does A Pool Safety Net Work?

A pool safety net is a net under tension which attaches to the deck of the pool using specialized anchors.  There are hooks on the net perimeter which attach to the anchors in your deck. 

Whenever you want to use the pool, you need to remove the net completely and set it aside.  It is dangerous to leave the net partially removed as you could get caught in the net while in the water.  The net is clearly marked so you know where to start when putting it back on after swimming.

Though there are some additional steps to swim each time, the pool safety net is a great way to keep children protected who may find themselves in the pool area unattended.  There is no substitute for supervision, but taking additional safety measures can never be discouraged.  

Who Makes The Best Pool Safety Net?

The company who invented the pool safety net and has the most installations is KatchakidKatchakid is the only company I would consider when putting in a pool safety net.  This is a niche product in a niche industry and you don’t want to put in an untested product.  Katchakid has a long reputation of providing and installing pool safety nets, is ASTM approved, and really is the only game in town when it comes to pool safety nets.

black pool safety net covering a figure eight shaped pool with brown landscape rock surrounding it in desert backyard

How Much Does A Pool Safety Net Cost?

Ever pool safety net is customized for the pool it’s intended to be installed on. Therefore, we can’t provide an exact price. However, we can suggest the cost range of a Katchakid’s net. A pool safety net costs anywhere from $1,600 – $3,000. This range is due to the size and shape of your pool.

Downside Of A Safety Net For Your Pool

So why might you want to find some other solution like a pool alarmOne reason you may want to consider an alternative to a pool safety net is the frustration of use.  Yes, Katchakid makes it easy in relative terms. However it’s still a chore every time you want to swim in the pool. 

Typically there is one person in the family who knows how to handle the pool safety net removal and installation.  If they aren’t home and someone else removes the net, they might ball it up and create a tangled mess.  Then they might give up or do a partial reinstallation which can be more dangerous than no net at all.  

Pool safety nets can be cumbersome and frustrating. In our experience, they aren’t used after a time.  Or, if they are used, the swimming pool is rarely used because of the time consuming task of removing the net and reinstallation.  Having a pool safety net is a baked in obstruction to swimming.  

However, if safety is your primary concern, a pool safety net is literally one of the only ways you can prevent unauthorized access.  If you own a pool you should be consider a pool safety net as an option alongside one of the best pool alarms for kids.

Safety Net For Pools Summary

If you have young children or adventurous pets, you may want a pool safety net. Otherwise, you risk of decommissioning your other backyard activities without extreme supervision. Maybe you have a playset or basketball hoop, too. As much as you may love your pool, there will be times you’re not using it.

We recommend Katchakid due their longevity and number of installations. For $3,000 or less, you can guarantee safety. While there are many pool accessories we’d feel comfortable recommending the less expensive version of to save money, safety items are not one of them. Invest in a pool safety net and a pool alarm.