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9 Great Swimming Pool Games For Adults

Having a pool encourages you to entertain friends and family. Children have plenty of imagination to create pool games out of nothing, but what about for the older folks? After a few hours of standing or sitting around the shallow end, even adults want some excitement. Enjoy playing these swimming pool games for adults and be thankful that you have a pool.

The Classic: Beer Pong

You’ve probably already thought of this one, but it’s a classic. Beer pong is a reliable game for any party, but it’s especially fun in a pool. Get a GoPong beer pong table. They are easy to inflate and even come with extra cup holders.

floating beer pong swimming pool games for adults

Swimming Pool Games For Adults With A Big Group

If you have a large group and want to include everyone in a game, volleyball is the way to do it. Depending on your pool size, you can usually have up to 12 total adults playing at once. GoSports makes a great pool volleyball net that comes with two balls and a pump.

pool volleyball is one of many swimming pool games for adults

For The Childish Adults: Ring Toss

This game is sure to bring back memories. If you’re a young adult or just a kid at heart, ring toss will always bring you joy. Texas Recreation has a floating ring toss set that is easy to assemble. There are also many inflatable versions available for kids.

Fun For All Ages: Basketball Hoops

If you don’t mind a little exercise and physical contact, turn to pool basketball. We’ve explored many ways set up a pool basketball hoop. However, the simple and popular version is GoSports’ Splash Hoop PRO. There are also inflatable hoops, but these are often underwhelming when you actually play with them.

basketball swimming pool games for adults

For The Athletes: Water Polo

One of the more intense games you can play in a pool is water polo. In fact, this is even an olympic sport. Franklin Sports makes a basic water polo set that is ready for fun. When things get too competitive, this game can get a little dangerous.

If You Have A Sun Shelf: Beer Die

If your pool is fortunate enough to have a large sun shelf, beer die could be your jam. This game only requires a folding table, a few cups and a dice. This game is pretty limited to 4 people at a time.

Quick And Easy: Cornhole

Cornhole is just as fun inside a pool as outside. Everyone loves the challenge involved with cornhole and it’s a safe way to have a lot of fun. Don’t let the name fool you, Driveway Games has a great inflatable cornhole setup.

Cornhole Swimming Pool Games For Adults

Wild One: Inflate-A-Bull

If you’re looking for a whacky game, this is going to be your favorite game. Intex makes the “Inflat-A-Bull” that serves as a fan favorite. There’s two ways to play with this inflatable. First, you can put someone on it and have everyone at the party shake it until they fall off. Additionally, and with a safety disclaimer, you can also jump from the side of the pool and try to sit directly onto the bull without falling off.

Inflat A Bull Swimming Pool Games For Adults

Swimming Pool Games For Adults Who Are Brave

This is another classic game, mainly because it requires nothing but 4 or more people and some bravery. The game of pool chicken consists of two (or more) teams of two with one teammate on the others shoulders. Then, you try to push the other team’s “top” teammate off into the pool without losing your own balance.

Chicken Swimming Pool Games For Adults

Swimming Pool Games For Adults Summary

We hope you enjoyed our suggestions for your adult pool party. All of these games are very fun to play depending on the number of people that you have participating. Have fun, be safe, and leave a comment below if we missed a pool game that you enjoy.