Best Ultrasonic Animal Repeller 2023 Reviews

green ultrasonic animal repeller in backyard garden

When you have deer constantly eating your garden or a neighbor’s cat which consistently hangs out in your yard, you may be considering an animal repellent solution.  When unwanted creatures are making your yard their home there are a few different options.  You can go the poison route, but this isn’t a great way to make friends with the neighbors. You can try scaring them away with decoy owls.  But the best place to start when you want to keep all animals out of your yard is a solar ultrasonic animal repeller.  

Ultrasonic vs. Solar Animal Repeller

A solar animal repeller is an ultrasonic animal repeller.  The benefit of the solar powered animal repellent is you don’t need to change batteries.  Yes, this requires a few hours of sun each day to keep it in tip top operation, but in nearly every case, this isn’t a problem for today’s solar powered animal repellent.

Best Ultrasonic Animal Repeller: Abilly Repellent Defender

There are a lot of ultrasonic animal repeller systems out there.  As you shop for a solar animal repeller you may have noticed mixed reviews.  This is because it’s a hard problem to solve.  Furthermore, it’s especially true if you have pets yourself and you don’t want to drive them insane.  This is where the Abilly Solar Ultrasonic Repellent Defender comes in.  

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What makes the Abilly ultrasonic animal repeller different from many of their competitors is the concentrated wave limitation on the repeller itself.  It is limited to 110 degrees.  This means you can face the repeller away from your house, and not worry about the ultrasonic waves coming toward the home. Additionally, the waves are not constantly going. The Abilly system has a motion detector, so the waves turn on and off at the motion of an animal. This means animals don’t become accustomed to the sound and simply ignore it over time.

large ultrasonic animal repeller pushing foxes, squirrels and birds away from a large green lawn in front of a white house

How To Use An Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

When installing an ultrasonic animal repeller it’s a good idea to get multiple systems so you can interlock the effective areas to prevent simply pushing the unwanted animals in a different direction.  The effective range of the Abilly solar animal repeller is 20-25 yards / 60-75 feet.  The ultrasonic sound waves will travel a bit further, but the motion detector is limited in what it can sense.  Because of this, you will need to take not only the angle of effective area (110 degrees), but also the distance which is able to be covered.

Solar animal repellers are the best way how to repel animals without the use of chemicals or traps.  It can be tempting to try and use D-Con or rat traps to keep squirrels and other rodents at bay.  However, it’s important to remember that when you use poison or traps you can cause unexpected consequences.  It’s not uncommon for a hawk or eagle to eat a poisoned mouse only to die themselves of the poison the mouse had ingested.  This can also happen to your pets and your neighbors pets.  

Ultrasonic/Solar Animal Repeller Summary

Finding a solution to your animal problem which doesn’t cause undue damage to the environment is what the ultrasonic animal repeller is all about.  By using an interlocking system of solar animal repellers you will not only be protecting your property from unwanted animals.  You will also be protecting those animals from the draconian methods which the ultrasonic animal repellers have replaced.