What Color Glass Looks Best In Fire Pit? Matching Color Guide

Round fire pit with seating surrounding and plants

Fire pits are a great addition to any backyard. There are plenty of ways to decorate up your fire pit to impress guests. Aside from your typical wood fire pit, reflective fire glass is becoming a popular option. The vision you probably have is blue or green glass housing the red and yellow flames. However, this reflective fire glass comes in a variety of colors. While some claim the answer is subjective, there is some design principles to follow when asking what color glass looks best in fire pit?

What Color Glass Looks Best In Fire Pit?

There isn’t a one size fits all answer to asking what color glass looks best in fire pit structures. In fact, the answer depends largely on what your fire pit looks like itself. The shape and surroundings of your fire pit play a role in your decision. Most importantly, the color of your fire pit will help guide your choice. Certain colors of reflective fire glass look better with different ascetic fire pits.

Fire Glass And Fire Pit Matching Color Guide

Fortunately, there are a handful or common fire pit colors and matching reflective fire glass options. Whether you bought the least expensive fire pit or have a custom-built masterpiece, the color schemes remain the same couple of choices.

What Color Glass Looks Best In Fire Pit Guide With Example Of Blue Glass In Brown Fire Pit

Fire pits come in variations of black, gray and brown, with a few exceptions. Whereas reflective fire glass comes in blues, greens, black, copper, clear and if you’re really bold, red. Think of matching your fire pit and fire glass the same way you would an outfit.

What Color Glass Looks Best In Black Fire Pit?

If you have a black fire pit, you have several options. Black fire pit on black fire glass conveys a sleek design. Conversely, using blue or green reflective fire glass gives the interior of the fire pit a pop to the eyes. If you wish to keep it simple, clear fire glass is always available as well. Lastly, red is a commitment, but it has a unique look that some find visual appealing. Copper is quite subjective, but it generally doesn’t mesh well with black structures. It’s safe to say that blue, green or black fire glass is most common with a black fire pit.

What Color Glass Looks Best In Gray/Silver Fire Pit?

If your fire pit is a gray or silver, the only color we’d recommend staying away from is copper. A blue or green glass will bring life to the surrounding gray fire pit. A clear or black glass will portray a modern feel. Here is a gray fire pit that we designed for a client that ultimately chose black rocks, but the color scheme is the same. Again, red can be abrasive, but it will certainly make guests stop and look twice. We don’t want to discourage you from choosing red, but it will only fit certain backyard designs. You have plenty of options with a gray fire pit.

What Color Glass Looks Best In Brown Fire Pit?

Finally, brown, beige or tan fire pits look great in a backyard. As stated, blues and greens are safe picks, so they will look good in this type of fire pit. Clear fire glass may look rather dull in a brown fire pit. Conversely, black glass can also look rather out of place. Copper reflective fire glass will keep the rustic appearance and it looks excellent amongst the flames. Therefore, stick with blue, green or copper fire glass if you have a brown fire pit.

What Color Glass Looks Best In Fire Pit Summary

As you can see, there isn’t a single best color per say for all fire pits. Instead, examine your fire pit and consider which color of reflective fire glass would closely match it. If you haven’t selected your fire pit, wait to choose your glass color until you know for sure. After all, the glass is merely a fire pit accessory. You shouldn’t choose a fire pit to make a certain reflective fire glass color fit.

What Color Glass Looks Best In Fire Pit Explained With Black Fire Glass Inside Fire Pit

Additionally, many homeowners can’t choose a single color for their fire glass. In this case, they mix and match 2 or 3 colors in their fire pit to give it even more flavor. We’ve seen green, black and clear glass mixed as well as blue, green and brown. The choice also all depends on what other things in your backyard.

Now you’ve successfully matched your fire pit and fire glass. Next, you may look for other areas of your backyard to incorporate the same aesthetic. Many homeowners elect to add matching fire bowls to their pool, too. This will tie the entire backyard together in the evening with identical glows at opposite ends of the yard. Either way, we hope this has helped clarify what color glass looks best in fire pit structures.