What RPM To Run Pool Pump For 15k Gallon Pool

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This Article Was Last Updated on January 9, 2023

When you are setting up your pool and getting your pump started you may be confused by the new pool pumps on the market. It used to be you’d set the time clock to run for 8 or 12 hours per day. Then, the pump would simply either be on or off. Nowadays, with the advent of variable speed pumps, most pool pumps will have settings for RPM’s instead of an on/off switch. In this article, we will help explain the answer of what RPM to run pool pump for 15k gallon pool.

The cliff notes of this article is that there are two ways. First, trial and error, which we’ll explain how to test. Second, and easiest, is installing a flowmeter, like the H2Flow’s FlowVis.

What To Look For In A Variable Speed And Flow Pump

Our preferred pump to use is the Pentair Variable Speed and Flow pump. A big reason we enjoy this pump is because it has two readouts. First, a readout for RPM’s. Second, it also has one for Gallons Per Minute, GPM. Not only does this pump have the readout, it also adjusts the flow rate to counteract clogging filters or pump baskets.

Turnover Rate, Why It’s Important, And How To Calculate It

To calculate the GPM needed for a pool you first need to choose a turnover rate. Turnover rate is a term used to describe the total volume of the pool water being filtered. If you have a 15,000 gallon pool, this means the time it takes to filter 15,000 gallons. For example, say your pool pump is running at 100 GPM. This means it’ll take 150 minutes, or about two and a half hours to turn over your pool. It’s accepted that your pool needs to turn over at least once in any given day, but you may want to have it turn over more than once given your environment or your desire to have a cleaner pool.

Lower RPM, Lower Electricity Bill

With a smaller pool volume like 15k gallons, you may find you can set your pool pump to run on a lower speed for a longer period of time and still turn the pool over. This is a benefit to having a smaller pool. The electrical consumption of the pump goes down dramatically the lower the rpm of the pump motor.

How To Find Exactly What RPM To Run Pool Pump for 15k Gallon Pool

Unfortunately, unless you have a variable speed pump with a flow rate readout you won’t know what the flow rate is based on rpm’s. You may consider having a flow meter. These can be installed by your pool service company and will allow you to find the right RPM. To know what RPM to run a pool pump for a 15k gallon pool, our recommendation is the FlowVis by H2Flow.

close up of FlowVis flow meter by H2 Flow that helps tell what RPM to run pool pump for 15k gallon pool

If you have a heater, you can experiment with low RPM’s. Eventually, when your heater no longer will operate, this means you’ve dropped below the heater minimum flow. This normal minimum flow is usually around 30 or 40 GPM. Then, raise the RPM’s back above the heater minimum flow and you’ll know you have around 50 GPM. A 15k gallon pool will turn over in 7 hours at that rate. You typically don’t want to run your pool at speeds lower than your heater will operate. This is because you want the heater to be able to maintain temperature in your pool.

What RPM To Run Pool Pump for 15k Gallon Pool Summary

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet solution to what RPM you should run your pool pump at for a 15k gallon pool. However, there are a few things to try. If nothing else, you can always install a flowmeter. If you already have the variable speed and flow pump, you are a step ahead of the game. Remember to clean your pump basket. Also keep your filter back washed or cleaned. Both of these will have an impact on your flow rate. If you have more questions, we encourage you to leave a comment or contact us directly.