What To Do About Neighbors Loud Pool Pump?

What To Do About Neighbors Loud Pool Pump Explained

It’s one of the most frustrating aspects of suburban life.  Whether it’s the neighbor mowing early on a Sunday morning or the leaf blower as you sit down to dinner.  The noises of the neighborhood are pervasive when you live close by.  Sometimes it’s the neighbors ancient AC compressor seemingly causing an earthquake every time it turns on.  But the biggest offender of all?  The loud pool pump.  Therefore you wonder, what to do about neighbors loud pool pump.

Many pool owners don’t even think about the sound.  It’s like a constant background noise they don’t even seem to notice anymore.  They think it’s been this way for so long, so it’s just the way it is.  However, there are solutions. 

What To Do About Neighbors Loud Pool Pump?

First, you need to be honest with yourself about what needs to happen.  You need to stop complaining and go communicate with your neighbor about how loud the pump is, and offer some solutions.  It’s not a bad idea to offer to split the cost with them also.  After all, it’s your happiness you’re looking to increase by reducing the noise.

Ways To Make Your Neighbors Loud Pool Pump Quieter

There are many ways to quiet down a pool pump. Your neighbor’s pool pump is no different. Oddly enough, knowing how to hide pool equipment will actually make a pool pump less noisy, Although, there’s plenty of other ways to make your neighbors loud pool pump quieter, too.

What To Do About Neighbors Loud Pool Pump Ways To Fix

Replace The Pump

Most loud pool pumps are single speed pumps with copper windings.  These pumps serve their purpose, but they’re yesterday’s technology.   The sound you hear is often the bearings being worn causing excess rattle.  Often the pump was sized too large for the piping so the pump is working harder whenever it’s on. 

Not only is an oversized pump a code issue, it causes the pump to wear out sooner and be extra noisy.  Replacing the pump with a properly sized variable speed pump will reduce the electric bill, and more importantly reduce the noise significantly.

Build A Fence Around The Pool Equipment

If the equipment is out in the open, the sound will carry uninterrupted to your backyard.  Putting a fence around the pool equipment will create a minor but noticeable difference in the sound.

Add Your Own Fence

If you want to take matters into your own hands without involving your neighbor, there is one way that may help. Put up a fence on your property line if you don’t have one already.

Put Up Sound Attenuation Blankets

If the pool equipment is located in a fenced in area, hanging these blankets around the inside perimeter of the pool equipment area can have a significant noise deadening effect.  They will not solve the problem completely, but can be a big help.

Get To Planting

Plant dense plantings along your property line.  Planting dense evergreen shrubs and trees like blue spruce and arborvitae, depending on your planting zone of course, will reduce the sound from your neighbors pump.

Bottom Line On What To Do About Neighbors Loud Pool Pump

Swimming pool pumps should be quiet enough to not be noticeable when they’re running.  If you can convince your neighbor to replace the pump, you’ll be on the road to a quieter backyard.  Ultimately, coming to the table with solutions instead of simply complaining is the best approach to solving the issue of your neighbors loud pool pump.

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