What’s The Best Place For Bird Bath?

gray bird bath in backyard garden with orange and blue flowers

When designing your landscape it’s important to consider all aspects.  The pattern of the sun is important as it tells you where certain plants should be planted.  The various viewpoints from the home are important. Furthermore are those from the patios and other circulation points. You should also consider the animals and how they’ll use your garden.  Do you need to deer proof the garden by putting up a tall fence?  Where will you put your bird feeder? And of course, what’s the best place for bird bath?

How Close Should Bird Bath Be To Bird Feeder?

When placing your bird feeder and bird bath, we recommend keeping them within 50 feet of one another.  You can certainly spread them out a bit more if you have the vantage points to do so. However, if you want to view both, 50’ is usually a good rule of thumb.  Often the bird bath will draw in birds from the air when they notice the reflection of the open water.  Likewise, the bird feeder draws in birds by the calls and noise caused by those birds already using the feeder.  

Whenever a bird is traveling to either location they can be surprised and delighted by the other feature being right next door.  If in winter, you may want to consider a bird bath de-icer as part of your bird bath design. If so, it would be great to plan on putting in a waterproof GFCI outlet somewhere near the bird bath so you don’t need an extension cord in winter.

What’s The Best Place For Bird Bath?

In our opinion, when finding best place for bird bath I put it within 20 feet of a window from the house.  This way you can be looking out the window, and watch the birds as they wash themselves, play around, take a drink and so on.  Birds are delightful little creatures, and their social interactions are endlessly entertaining to watch.  

backyard image showing what's the best place for bird bath via garden position next to yellow and pink flowers near silver bench and bird feeder

How To Design A Bird Bath And Its Surrounding Area

You want to make sure there are places near the bird bath to perch.  Small trees and large shrubs make a great spot for cautious birds to perch while they scope out the bird bath and make sure it’s a safe place to be. If there is a large tree overhead blocking the open sky somewhat, that’ll make them feel safer as well

One of the enemies of small birds are birds of prey like hawks, eagles, and falcons.  By blocking the direct line of sight from the sky, you make the small birds feel safer and have less concern that a raptor will drop in unexpectedly.

If you want to encourage hummingbirds, you can always plant some red flowers near the bird bath.  Depending on your region, you may want to try Scarlet Bergamot Bee Balm, which is a favorite of hummingbirds.  In fact, you may end up with a hummingbird war on your hands if you have a nice patch of it. They tend to get territorial. If you plant this next to your bird bath however, it’ll encourage the hummingbirds to stop and take a rest at the bird bath which is a wonderful way to get a closer look at these delicate birds.

What’s The Worst Place For Bird Bath?

As always, when choosing the best place for bird bath, it’s a good idea to make sure there’s no great place for a cat to hide near the birdbath if possible.  Cats are the greatest risk to birds. In fact, they’re responsible for killing 2.4 billion of them every year according to the American Bird Conservancy.  If there’s a way to place your bird bath and avoid creating hiding places for cats, you’re off to a great start. 

What’s The Best Place For Bird Bath Summary

Now you know that you should place your bird bath near a bird feeder. If you plan to run a bird bath de icer, be sure to locate it near an outlet. Providing that you want to watch the birds, locate the bird bath within 20 feet of a window. Avoid any nearby hiding places for predators, such as cats. Lastly, cover the bird bath with a nearby tree. This will make the birds feel safe from hawks.