Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive? 4 Big Causes

patio furniture scattered in an upscale backyard

Shopping for patio furniture can be exciting. Redecorating a patio and backyard is one of the many joys of being a homeowner. However, these furnishings come at a steep cost. Why is patio furniture so expensive? There are many components that affect the cost of patio furniture. Of course, there are macroeconomic influences like inflation and tariffs, but those impact all products. In this article we’ll break down the four main reasons patio furniture has such high prices.

Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive?

Patio furniture costs are high for four main reasons. To summarize, patio furniture is some of the largest amd most difficult to manufacture items you can order online. Therefore, they come with a premium price tag.

Quality Material Choices

First, any furniture, but especially patio furniture that will bear outdoor weather, will need to be made from quality materials. Unlike most home goods items that are made of plastic, patio furniture is usually made of wood or metal. Both of these materials are far more expensive than plastic. Patio furniture made of teak or stainless steel are durable but also expensive. Even aluminum being a lightweight material in comparison with stainless steel has become more expensive in recent years.

Weatherproofing Process

After a durable material is selected, the cost of weatherproofing also adds a significant amount that is reflected in the price of patio furniture. Several stains and sealants are used to make patio furniture materials resistant to the sun and moisture. Therefore, certain climates such as high humidity or desert heat require advanced weatherproofing. This process also requires more manufacturing time which increases the overall price of the item.

Patio Furniture Size

Next, the size of patio furniture. This will of course impact the shipping import/export and domestic shipping costs, but it also plays a role in both of the elements mentioned above. The larger your item, the more material and weatherproofing necessary. When you think of a patio furniture set, compare the size of that to another home goods item and you’ll see why patio furniture gets expensive very quickly.

Storage Fees

Due to the large size of patio furniture, it requires more space to store it. This is a hidden cost of patio furniture as it’s expensive for brands to hold themselves or use fulfillment through third-parties such as Amazon. Warehouse space became extremely valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore, many products saw price increases as a result but none more than large items like patio furniture.

patio furniture set made of quality materials and displayed in the weather elements showing why is patio furniture so expensive

Why Is Patio Furniture So Expensive Summary

Patio furniture is larger than most other items you buy. It also requires more extensive preparation (weatherproofing) and is made from higher quality materials. Lastly, it takes up more space in warehouses which means it incurs additional storage fees. Not mention, as a customer, you’ll likely pay more in shipping costs in addition to the patio furniture’s price.