How To Get A Winter Pool Covers Inground With Side Steps

Winter Pool Covers Inground With Side Steps

When closing the inground pool for the season you need to go through the checklist of winterization items.  First you need to drain the pool down 18-24”, below the return fittings.  Then you need to blow the water out of the return lines and skimmer lines with an air compressor, then plug the holes. Next, you need to air-lock the main drains. Then you need to install the winter cover.  But what if you have side steps in your pool?  Are there winter pool covers inground with side steps?

Best Manufacturers For Winter Pool Covers Inground With Side Steps

Side steps are when your pool has a set of stairs bumping out of the pool structure itself.  This means you cannot simply buy a rectangular off the shelf pool cover, you need a custom cover.  That’s okay.  Most of our clients over the years have needed to use custom covers for one reason or another. The big manufacturers of the winter pool covers like Loop-loc and Meyco will custom fabricate a cover for you.  All you need to do is measure your swimming pool accurately and choose a color.

Backyard With Winter Pool Covers Inground With Side Steps

How To Measure For Winter Pool Covers Inground With Side Steps

When measuring your swimming pool start by measuring the coping edge along the water of the pool.  Then measure back the thickness of the coping, taking into consideration the location of any skimmers, lawn to coping, or non-deck surfaces surrounding the pool.  You will need to indicate the deck type you have around your pool also. 

Since you’ll probably want to hire a professional to install the cover, you will want them to come out and take measurements so they can be responsible for measuring the cover.  However, if you provide them your measurements ahead of their site visit, you may be able to get a preliminary price over the phone to help you make a choice of who to use for the cover installation.

Winter pool covers inground with side steps are not too complicated.  They will generally be a rectangular cover with a rectangular bump out for the side steps.  If you have any raised walls adjacent to the pool you will need additional customization, but if you have a flat deck around the pool it’ll be a much easier install.  

3 Ways To Anchor A Pool Cover

There are three methods for anchoring the cover.  First is the standard anchor which is drilled and epoxied into a poured concrete or wet-set stone deck.  This is the most secure safety cover anchorage system.

Next is the sleeve anchors which are drilled into the sand set deck and pounded down flush with the deck surface.  These can become unstable over time and you’ll need to inspect them every spring for movement. 

The last method is lawn stakes.  Lawn stakes are exactly what they sound like, long stakes which pound down into the grass.  These are the least safe of the three anchorage systems, and your cover will not be guaranteed to be a safety cover if they are used.  However, sometimes they are the only option and are better than nothing.

Winter Pool Covers Inground With Side Steps Summary

To install winter pool covers inground with side steps requires minimal change from the standard winter pool cover installation.  All you will need is a custom cover and some time to measure the pool.  Safety is the most important consideration with any pool project, and winter safety is especially important for those who experience snowfall.