Wood Above Ground Pool: Where To Find + Cost

oval and brown wood above ground pool in backyard with large trees and green bushes

When you choose to build a pool above ground you usually have the standard options in mind.  Steel wall pools are the old standby and what most people think of when they think of an above ground pool.  There are also polymer wall pools, steel pole reinforced pools, inflatable pools and so on.  But what about a more aesthetically pleasing pool type?  Without going all the way to a gunite pool, is there something in between?  Well, one of the most beautiful pool types you can build is a wood above ground pool.

How Does A Wood Above Ground Pool Work?

This may sound strange, but if you think about it, we’ve been building wood structures that hold liquids for centuries.  To this day, if you look at the top of many high rise buildings in New York City, you’ll find wood walled water tanks which serve the building’s fresh water needs.

brown wood above ground pool in New York city skyrise

This is really just a large version of a barrel. Although a barrel has the added design of being able to be rolled on its side or sit on end.  

light brown wood above ground pool  in warehouse

Where Do You Buy A Wood Above Ground Pool?

It’s no wonder then that a wood wall swimming pool would be available to you.  There’s a company in New York called Crestwood Pools who will construct a pool for you if you live in their area. However, they will also provide kits shipped to you so you can build the pool yourself.  Perhaps you’re hesitant to build the pool yourself. Instead, you could certainly hire a local contractor to do the work for you.  

The beauty of the Crestwood pool lies in its use of the vinyl liner.  The same vinyl liner we all know as a great way to waterproof the interior of above and in ground pools.  When building a wood above ground pool, the vinyl liner is placed within a wood structure, protected by a layer of foam.  The wood structure sits on a poured in place concrete footing.  Once the wood walls are set on the concrete footing and the tie cables are in place, the interior sand is sculpted at the walls and floor to create the ideal base for your liner.  

If you want to know more about exactly how to install one of the Crestwood Pools, download their manual here.  Crestwood kits are available for purchase directly from Crestwood.  

There are other kits out there, but the Crestwood kit is by far the easiest to use, and gives you the best looking pool upon completion.  

If you are located in Ohio, you may want to consider Sunburst Pools who also construct very nice wood above ground pools, though they only service the Ohio area.

How Much Does A Wooden Above Ground Pool Cost?

Wood above ground pool kits are more expensive than your typical above ground pools. However, they’re much less expensive than inground pools. Gunite, vinyl liner and fiberglass pools will all be double or triple the cost. At the time of this article, a Crestwood pool kit cost between $5,000 – 10,000 depending on what size and shape you ordered.

Wooden Above Ground Pool Summary

Depending on your backyard aesthetic, a wooden above ground pool might be the perfect fit. If you’re budget conscious but want something unique, this is a great option. Wood above ground pools cost more than a normal above ground pool. However, they’re economically to say the least in comparison with inground pools. When you think about society, it’s not all that uncommon to place water into barrels. It’s worth considering a wood above ground pool for your backyard.