Does A 54 Inch Deep Above Ground Pool Exist?

above ground pool with green shrubs surrounding the perimeter and a brown wood deck in backyard

When shopping for an above ground pool you’ve probably looked at many options. In doing so, you’ve figured out the overall dimensions of the pool.  Maybe you’re considering a rectangular above ground or a round pool.  Whatever the case you eventually need to settle on the depth of your above ground pool.  Most above grounds are a standard 48 inch deep pool.  However, there are many reasons to get something deeper. Perhaps you are tall or want the water to cover you up a little more when you’re standing in the pool. Alternatively, you want more space to swim around. Either way, you may be happier with a 54 inch deep above ground pool.  

54 Inch Vs. 48 Inch Above Ground Pools

Why would you opt for the additional six inches?  For one, if you’re over six feet tall, a 48 inch deep pool can seem a tad shallow.  Those extra six inches give you just enough to cover more of the torso. That way you can stand in the pool and cool off without the sun baking you.  

Does A 54 Inch Deep Above Ground Pool Exist?

Unfortunately, there are not many 54 inch deep above ground pool options available. A 48 inch deep above ground pool is the more familiar standard.  For example, if you’re looking for a metal tube frame pool like an Intex pool, you aren’t going to find a 54 inch deep option. However, Intex does make a 52 inch deep above ground pool in various shapes and sizes. This just might meet your needs and is part of their Ultra XTR product line. If you can settle for 2 inches less, this pool will be much more affordable and easy to set up in your backyard.

Intex Ultra XTR 18′ x 52″ Above Ground Outdoor Swimming Pool Set with 700 GPH Filter Pump and Robot Pool Cleaning Vacuum…
  • Includes Intex 18-foot by 52-inch above-ground swimming pool set and a robot pool cleaning vacuum with a 21-foot hose
  • Pool set includes Intex model 26645EG Krystal Clear 120V sand filter pump with Hydro Aeration Technology to ensure crystal-clear water, ladder, ground…
  • Galvanized steel construction increases durability, while the PVC vinyl liner enhances the swimming experience

The most common 54 inch deep above ground pool option out there is the steel wall with liner type. These are the traditional above ground pool you probably remember from your childhood.  These are not the type of pool you want to try assembling yourself. Unless you are extremely handy or have done it before, this will be risky. 54 inch deep above ground pools are installed by above ground pool companies, stay up all winter long and are much more expensive.

How Much Does A 54 Inch Deep Above Ground Pool Cost?

If you have ever considered building a deck around your above ground pool, you most likely want to select the steel wall type of above ground pool as these are the most durable of above ground pool types. Expect to spend anywhere between $5,000 at a bare minimum to $15,000 and beyond for above ground pools of this size.

There are numerous options.  Your above ground pool project can get far more expensive than you might think.  For example, building a deck around your pool, or a pergola.  Maybe a fire pit.  However, a pool without a deck isn’t all that fun, you’ll definitely want some space to lie down in a chaise chair near the pool whatever you do.  And a pergola would be great for getting out of the sun around midday, and a fire pit is great after dark.  You don’t have to tackle it all at once though.

54 inch deep above ground pool in a flat backyard with green grass

54 Inch Above Ground Pool Summary

When you choose your 54 inch above ground pool remember you can always start with the pool. Then, you can move on to other aspects down the road.  One of the best parts of above ground pools is the way you can create your pool environment on a step by step basis.  By doing this you can get water in your yard quickly. Afterward, you can worry about adding the deck next year, the pergola or a shade structure after that, then the fire pit and so on. In addition to the 52 inch Intex pool, we’ve also recapped the cost vs. size of several other above ground pools too.