inground pool slide in a backyard with large rectangular pool

Everything You Need To Know About Inground Pool Slides

One of my favorite childhood memories was a vacation my family took to an oceanside campground. The campground had a gunite pool and the pool had its very own set of inground pool slides. Slides are one of the most fun additions to a pool. Despite what some might say, they’re not just for kids.

How To Ensure Inground Pool Slides Safety

Before adding a slide to your pool there are some clearance issues to get out of the way. You don’t want your slide to be dangerous so there are some basic dimensions to check to make sure you can install the slide on your pool. Take the SR Smith Rogue 2 slide for example. In their installation manual, they specify a 13’-6” clear space in front of the slide along with specific minimum depths and widths of the pool.

These are standard dimensions, but always check the manufacturer’s installation manual prior to purchasing and installing a slide to be sure you have enough clearance to safely install the slide. The last thing you want to do is turn a fun feature into a dangerous one.

How Inground Pool Slides Work

There are a few basic types of pool slides but what all slides have in common is the water feed. If you have an existing pool and you’re adding a slide, you will need to tee off of your return line to get a water source to feed the slide. Having water rush down the slide makes the pool slide slicker and much more fun.

Types Of Inground Pool Slides

The first type of slide is the deck mounted traditional slide like the Rogue 2 or deck mounted circular slides like the Helix 2. The deck mounted slides like the Rogue 2 and the Helix 2 are most common as they’re easier to install and easier on the budget, generally less than $10,000 installed.

deck-mounted inground pool slides alongside a pool and cabana
Courtesy of SR Smith

If your budget is greater however, you can consider custom slides. If you have a naturally sloping backyard you can build your slide into the landscape and create your own personal waterpark. Companies like Dolphin Water Slides provide customized slide solutions for your backyard. These slides cost tens of thousands of dollars to procure and install. They require customized footings to support the slide along its path.

inground pool slides wrapping around a pool's landscape and waterfall
Courtesy of Dolphin Water Slides

However, these slides are so much more fun than the traditional deck mount slide. We encourage anyone with the budget to consider adding one to their project. When built into the landscape, the slide can blend into the background instead of being a prominent visual feature. You may try building them into a hillside along with cascading waterfalls to create a multi purpose feature.

Bottom Line

Whatever slide you choose, installing an inground pool slide is one of the best pool features. Some people think they’re ugly and that they detract from the pool visually. Although, in the end, why do you have pool? The pool is a place to enjoy your surroundings, have some fun in the water, and connect with your family and friends.

Will a slide detract from those connections or make them stronger? Will you enjoy your pool more by going down the pool slide and being a kid again, or will you enjoy it less? We think you will enjoy it more. Don’t be afraid to put an inground pool slide on your pool. Finally, just make sure you do it safely.