How Big Is A Cocktail Pool? 4 Factors To Know

cocktail pool with two white ledge lounger chairs on the sun shelf and a white fence behind

When you are choosing your pool type, there are many design features to choose from.  Between water features, patio surfaces, pergolas, fire pits, and so on it all can get a little overwhelming.  One of the most used pool types out there is the cocktail pool.  We have built many cocktail pools over the years without knowing it, as the term is relatively new.  One of the questions we are asked regularly is how big is a cocktail pool?  We will go over this and a few other aspects you might want to consider when putting in a cocktail pool.

Benefits Of A Cocktail Pool

One of the first things you’ll notice about a cocktail pool is how relaxed it makes you feel.  The intimacy of the space makes conversations simple. At a party, there’s no one jumping into another part of the pool while you’re talking to your significant other.  It’s a pool meant for social interaction, and with that comes the name which implies socially drinking a cocktail in the pool.  We always recommend drinking responsibly, especially in a swimming pool.  

How Big Is A Cocktail Pool?

Part of why the cocktail pool feels so intimate and inviting is the dimensions.  So how big is a cocktail pool anyway? Usually the length of the cocktail pool is somewhere between 15’ and 25’, and the width is 10’ to 15’.  One of the great feelings of a cocktail pool is the way you can have a relatively large group of people, some swimming, and some outside the pool, but all sharing the space and participating in the conversation.  

The size of the cocktail pool is not the only part which is important to its success.  You’ll also need the cocktail pools benches to be included.  Depth also must be taken into consideration, never exceeding 4’ deep if possible. Without the seating and appropriate depth, a cocktail pool is a plunge pool.  Great for swimming, but not so good for chatting the afternoon away with friends.  

small blue pool showing how big is a cocktail pool with an orange fence behind it and a spa beside it

How To Decide How Big To Make Your Cocktail Pool?

Ultimately, how big is a cocktail pool is answered by you.  The size of a cocktail pool is whatever you want it to be.  Just keep in mind the most important factors as you design your pool:

1. Consider how much yard space you have and what the dimensions of your usable space are compared to the dimensions of your ideal pool scape.  

2. Weigh the value of raising the cocktail pool up to allow you to easily have conversations with those not swimming.  When the pool is raised around 18”, you can sit in the pool while easily conversing with those sitting on the pool coping, or those sitting in chairs or around an adjacent fire pit.

3. Ask yourself in reality how many people you plan on entertaining at any one time.  Think about what this means for how large you want to design the space for, keeping in mind some will not want to be in the pool, but will want to sit near it while still participating in conversations.  

4. Think about proximity to the outdoor kitchen, or other drink and food storage / display.  Do you want built in coolers or will hauling the Yeti out there do the trick?

How Big Is A Cocktail Pool Summary

Now you know that cocktail pools do not refer to a specific size. Most often they’re 15 – 25 feet long, 10 to 15 feet wide, and do not exceed 4 feet deep. However, you will want to consider the factors above to determine your cocktail pool size. Generally, the larger the pool, the more your cocktail pool costs.