How Much Does A Swim Spa Cost?

white and gray swim spa in backyard with stone paver decking

When comparing the different methods for swimming laps in your home or yard, you’ve probably started comparing and contrasting methods.  How much does a gunite lap pool cost?  How much does a swim spa cost?  We will go over the basics of these options and give you some tips for how to make the judgement for yourself as to which direction you should go.

Gunite Lap Pool vs. Swim Spa Cost

First, there’s the gunite lap pool.  This is the priciest option of all, and often the most desirable.  This can give you a lap pool swimming experience much like a competition pool if you design it right.  However, there is always the issue of splash back onto the swimmer from the walls, so if you want to do it right, you would build a gutter pool.  

Although, just about nobody builds a gutter pool in their backyard, because the cost is gigantic.  A gunite lap pool is expensive enough, starting around $125,000 for the simplest lap pools, and averaging closer to $200,000 for most lap pools when all is said and done.  

How Much Does A Swim Spa Cost By SwimEX?

The SwimEX swim spa is favored by professional sports teams for pool training.  These have a paddlewheel design, causing a constant current to flow toward you while in the spa.  Unlike the fire hose style swim jets available from Badu Jet for gunite and vinyl pools, the paddlewheel concept is arguably the best way to make sure you have a constant current.  

Nearly the entire pool is in current when using a SwimEX and you will find yourself swimming at whatever pace you set the controls to.  Which brings us to the next point when using a swim spa.  You need to be able to easily control the speed.  SwimEX has 99 speed settings so you can be sure you find exactly what you want.  From recovery therapy when standing on the floor with a slight current to work on stability, to a full out sprint while doing the butterfly, the SwimEX has you covered.

A SwimEX swim spa costs anywhere from $50,000 and up, with the average installation costing around $100,000 in most cases.  However, there is a lot of variation.  Where you want the spa installed makes a huge difference in how much it costs.  If you’re installing a swim spa indoors you must have a plan for controlling the humidity or it will destroy your home slowly.  Access is a big part of installation costs also.  Much of the time a crane lift becomes necessary to move the spa around. This will add thousands of dollars to any swim spa installation.

luxury backyard with green turf and large swim spa showing how much does a swim spa cost as nearly $100,000

How Much Does A Swim Spa Cost By Endless Pools?

Next there’s the Endless Pools swim spa.  This is generally thought of as the more economical option among swim spas, and is very popular.  The Endless Pools system operates with an enclosed fan system at one end.  Unlike the paddlewheel of the SwimEX, the Endless system operates with a fan on one end of the spa.  

The fan does work better than the Badu-Jet jet system available for gunite and vinyl pools, but has limitations when compared with the SwimEX paddlewheel. There are versions of the Endless Pools system which can be installed in gunite pools.

The Endless pools system costs drastically less than both gunite or the SwimEx.  You can buy an endless pools system for closer to $25,000.  However, once you factor in the typical installation needs and utilities, a starting price closer to $35,000 is more realistic.  The average all in for a basic Endless Pools swim spa is closer to $50,000 to $75,000.  

How Much Does A Swim Spa Cost?

Ultimately, when choosing your method of swimming laps and getting aquatic exercise, a swim spa is a great alternative to a gunite lap pool.  However, there really is no substitute for the gunite lap pool. In the end, you may find yourself pushing for a gunite pool installation.  Although, most yards do not have the space, and many budgets aren’t willing to make the jump.  A swim spa is a great alternative to the traditional lap pool and will give you the exercise you need.