How To Add Water Feature To Existing Pool

Beautiful sheer descent waterfall in backyard

Water features are one of the most delightful aspects of any swimming pool environment.  The visual of water flowing and the sound the water makes as it flows. These senses all add to the ambiance of your backyard.  But what if your pool was built without any of these features?  Can you still add a water feature?  You may find yourself asking how to add water feature to existing pool? While water features give a pool more style, they also must be done tastefully.

Decide Which Water Features You Want

First, you’ll need to decide what type of water feature you want.  You may be thinking of a natural rock water feature, or a deck jet, or maybe a sheer descent water feature.  Whatever you’re thinking the next concern is to find out where you are going to get the water from.  If you’re lucky you have a pre-plumbed line for a future water feature already in place.  More likely though you’ll be bringing a newly valved pipe from your equipment area to the location of the water feature.

How To Add Water Feature To Existing Pool

Once you have your water source figured out, it’s time for structural needs. You’ll need to confirm any structural needs you may have to integrate the water feature with your existing pool.  You will probably need a consulting structural engineer. They will design the pad for the natural rock waterfall or the raised wall for the sheer descent. If you’re thinking of using deck jets you’ll probably just need to run the pipe to the deck jet locations and connect the jets to the plumbing.  

How To Add Water Feature To Existing Pool With Waterfall And Plants

With any of these water feature options, you will need to turn a valve at the equipment whenever you want to turn these on and off.  There are some automation options out there which will help make your life easier. You’ll be able to avoid those walks to the equipment pad to turn things on and off. Ask your pool plumber for a recommendation on how to automate the plumbing.  If they don’t have any recommendations, consider the Pentair Sun Touch or Easy Touch.

How To Add Water Feature To Existing Pool With Deck Jets

It’s not a bad idea to employ a pool designer or landscape designer to help you with adding a water feature to your pool.  There are many moving parts and it can be overwhelming to try and do on your own.  However, it’s not impossible and if you are handy and like difficult projects, this might be a good challenge for you.  However, the heavy lifting of construction, concrete work, rebar, and boulder setting should be completed by seasoned professionals.

How To Add Water Feature To Existing Pool Summary

The process of adding a water feature to your pool may seem daunting. However, with the right help and the right starting point it can be done on just about any pool.  The expense of adding a water feature will vary greatly from pool to pool, so if you’re getting bids for the work it’s not a bad idea to get multiple opinions on how much it will cost.  The time to add a water feature will vary from a few days to month or so depending on the complexity.