Ryobi Electric Lawn Mower 2023 Review

lime green ryobi electric lawn mower in backyard with white and brown fence

If you’ve set your sights on an electric lawn mower, we commend you. There are some obvious advantages that can’t be overlooked. Electric lawn mowers are usually quieter and have a more available power source. Additionally, there are some great brands in the space including Ryobi, Worx and Greenworks. In this article, we’ll review the Ryobi electric lawn mower for its pros, cons and how it works.

Do We Recommend The Ryobi Electric Lawn Mower?

Yes, for a standard walk behind model, the Ryobi electric lawn mower is a great choice. There’s not much that’s fancy about this lawn mower but it does a great job cutting and is easy to use. It has plenty of safety features and allows you to customize your lawn grass length. I enjoyed this lawn mower so much that when my first when came to the end of its life, I purchased the exact same model a second time.

Ryobi Cordless Push Lawn Mower 20 in. 40-Volt with Whisper-Quiet Design
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Ryobi Lawn Mower Pros

The Ryobi electric lawn mower does a lot of things well. I’ll break down a few of the things I liked most.

Safety: The blades of a lawn mower are inevitably dangerous so its important to have good safety features. The Ryobi has two safety considerations that I appreciate. First, you cannot start the mower by just pressing a button. Instead, you have to hold down the lever and press the button at the same time. Therefore, you’re never starting the mower accidently.

Second, the mower is equipped with lights in the front. They automatically turn on when you activate the mower and stay on for two minutes after ending your mow cycle. This helps detect rocks, toys or anything else you may run over at dawn or dusk.

Variable Cut Length: Sometimes you don’t want to mow your lawn bald. Instead, you want to leave a little on top just like a haircut. The Ryobi electric lawn mower lets you choose your grass length. You can cut grass down to one and a half inches or keep it raised up to 4 inches and anywhere in between. This gives you a lot of control depending on how often you’re cutting your lawn.

Noise Level: Lawn mowers are always noisy, right? Wrong. Most electric models these days are too loud and the Ryobi electric lawn mower is no exception. When activated, the Ryobi sounds more like a large white noise fan than it does an obnoxious lawn mower.

Ryobi Lawn Mower Cons

The Ryobi electric lawn mower isn’t littered with cons. Overall, it’s a good option for an electric mower. However, there is still some improvements to be made.

The main issue I experience with this mower is how grass is retrieved. As you can see in our video below, the grass is pushed into the bag behind the mower. However, not all the grass makes it into the bag. In fact, every time I’ve completed a mow I detach the bag to find 5-6 handfuls of grass stuck in the cylinder between the blades and the bag itself. This is frustrating and messy. Ideally there would be some type of fan mechanism pushing all grass into the bag.

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How To Turn On Ryobi Electric Lawn Mower?

Turning on the Ryobi electric lawn mower is simple and safe. It requires two actions happening together to ensure turning on the mower is intentional. First, you need to pull the gray lever back flush with the black handle. Next, press the gray button in the middle while holding the lever flush. Then you’ll hear the lawn mower activate. If you don’t hear anything, you need to charge your battery.

How To Clean Ryobi Electric Lawn Mower?

Provided that you’ve removed the battery, cleaning a Ryobi electric lawn mower is fairly simple. I have always cleaned mine with a garden hose. I down the top, wheels and undercarriage one by one. The cleaning process is simple, but make sure you actually do it every 2-3 mow sessions. I made the mistake of letting my first Ryobi go a while without cleaning and some grass/dirt stains never left.

Ryobi Electric Lawn Mower Summary

The Ryobi electric lawn mower is a standout machine. I have a bermuda grass lawn and its definitely the best lawn mower for bermuda grass that I’ve come across. I enjoyed everything from its easy assembly to its low noise level and effective cutting. It’s a great alternative to noisy gas lawn mowers and you’ll probably never forget to have electricity nearby. Watch out review and unless something jumps out as a red flag, consider the Ryobi model for your next lawn mower.