Why Are Pools In Florida Screened In? 3 Reasons

inground pool with blue water inside a black screen

When you first see a pool in Florida you probably are expecting a sunny paradise with palm trees and an ocean view.  The reality of Florida is most people do not live on the ocean, and have a view similar to a house in Georgia or anywhere else.  In this article we will answer the question why are pools in Florida screened in?  We will go over the practical reasons, and a couple drawbacks as to why you may or may not want to screen your pool in.

Why Are Pools In Florida Screened In?

There are several motives to screen in your pool in Florida. While some are more obvious than others, they are all important. We’ve explored the three biggest reasons homeowner screen in their pool.

Mosquito Protection

When considering why are pool in Florida screened in, the first reason is obvious. Places in Florida have oppressive mosquito populations. A screened in pool area will solve that like nothing else will.  Sometimes the bugs are just plain unrelenting and without a screen enclosure, being outside would not be enjoyable at all.  

Sun Shield

The next practical reason pools in Florida are screened in is the sun. Screen enclosures will shield you from 30% – 80% of the sunlight depending on the mesh used. This  means you’ll burn slower. In fact, a screen may be the difference in being able to run outside for a quick dip and otherwise need to apply sunscreen before hand.  Screen enclosures make the outdoor space slightly less sunny in addition to blocking the pesky mosquitoes.

Barrier Code Approval

The real reason most pools have screen enclosures is a combination of the above and pool barrier code rulesIn Florida, a screen enclosure will meet barrier code for your swimming pool.  That is the code which regulates whether or not your pool is safely protected from children wandering into your yard and falling into the pool.  The pool barrier code can be met by having a fence or by having a screen enclosure.  With either a fence or screen enclosure you’ll need gates which open away from the pool area, self close, self latch, and meet a number of dimensional requirements.  

Backyard pool showing why are pools in florida screened in as being protection from the sun and mosquitoes

Pros And Cons Of Having A Screened In Pool

The benefits are huge to building a screen enclosure, you can avoid mosquitos, shield you from a percentage of the sunshine, and meet the pool barrier safety code.  Therefore, why wouldn’t you want to build a screen enclosure over your swimming pool?  

The first and primary reason you may not want to build a screen enclosure over your swimming pool is architectural. Maybe your house has an architectural look you want to achieve. Sometimes the screen enclosure will interrupt the look of the house, and cheapen the design aesthetic.  Also, the screen enclosure will make it darker inside the house than you might want it to be.  However, mosquitos often make anyone taking these concerns seriously to reconsider after an afternoon outdoors.

Next there’s the issue of maintenance.  Anyone who has been through a hurricane in Florida knows that while everything might have survived, house, car, etc. your screen enclosure almost always gets damaged.  Blowing debris will poke holes in the screen, tree limbs will destroy the aluminum frame, and so on.  It can be costly, and frustrating as you wait for contractors after a hurricane or tropical storm blows through.

Why Are Pools In Florida Screened In Summary

Hopefully this article explained why pools in Florida are screened in. Furthermore, we hope it helped you decide whether or not a screen is right for you. There are some strong pros and cons to a screened in pool. We have designed pools in three different climates. While we normally are in favor of not screening in your pool, Florida is the exception. Florida has a unique climate, making it an anomally for things like pool screening or the best patio furniture.