How To Edge With A String Trimmer

neatly edged lawn with green grass and a gray concrete walkway

You probably know that landscaping tools can quickly add up in price. Once you’ve assembled your lawn mower, leaf blower, and string trimmer, the last thing you want to do is buy another tool. You are probably wondering if you can use any of these to as a lawn edger. In this article, we’ll explain how to edge with a string trimmer.

How To Edge With A String Trimmer

You may be surprised to learn that you can edge your lawn with a string trimmer. It requires a little extra effort, but it’s better than buying a lawn edger for $100. It should be noted that we’re strictly talking about your lawn and not other edger use cases.

The way to edge with a string trimmer is by rotating the string by 90 degrees. Depending on your string trimmer, this may be very easy or relatively strenuous. Essentially, instead of the having the string trimming horizontally, flip it vertically.

String Trimmer vs. Lawn Edger

When you think about the operations of a lawn edger against a string trimmer, they are quite similar. Both tools pretty much do the same job in different directions. In fact, many string trimmers are intentionally designed to double as an edger. For example, the BLACK+DECKER corded string trimmer does a great job of both functions.

The caveat to edging with a string trimmer is that it won’t work as good on bushes. If you nice hedges that you wish to maintain, a proper hedge trimmer or lawn edger will perform better. However, for lawns, a string trimmer will definitely be able to edge as needed.

black + decker orange and black tool showing how to edge with a string trimmer

Learning How To Edge With A String Trimmer

Although it can be done, you will realize there are many things to consider when edging with a string trimmer. First, if your string trimmer has an adjustable height, lower the height all the way down. This will save you some effort when holding the trimmer against the side of your lawn.

Next, make sure you don’t have any loose debris like a rocks nearby. A string trimmer is more powerful than a lawn edger and will throw these pebbles violently across your lawn. Furthermore, for effective edging, make sure your grass is dry. If your grass is wet, the task will be tougher and you may realize later on that the grass has moved and looks sloppy as a result.

How To Edge With A String Trimmer Summary

Now you know that you can absolutely edge with a string trimmer. In fact, learning how to edge with a string trimmer will save you money on backyard tools. Additionally, it will be doubly beneficial for saving room in your garage/shed. If you haven’t bought a lawn edger or string trimmer yet, we recommend the BLACK+DECKER combo edger and string trimmer.